Providing Better Access To Healthcare

There are many health related issue existing in the coastal communities. Therefore, the project is paying special attention to issues such as the prevalence of communicable, non-communicable and preventable diseases, malnutrition and under-nourishment.

We will do this through improving the access of local communities to all the seven Basic Health Units (BHUs) in the project area.

For this purpose, the project has engaged the services of Community Health Workers for better provision of health services. The centres listed below are the first to receive support.

The project is also installing mobile health centres in the most inaccessible areas as well as providing ambulances to allow quick access to major hospitals for those who need emergency medical attention.

Muhammad Moosa Jatt

A basic dispensary was surveyed in Muhammad Moosa Jatt village, which is located along the Keti Bunder highway in the district of Thatta.

Keti Bundar

The functional rural health centre in village of Keti Bundat. This facility was functional, although was in need of basic equipment, transport and various medicines and vaccines.

Ahmed Khan Memon

In the village of Ahmed Khan Memon, located along coastal line of Keti Bunder in Thatta, a basic health unit was struggling to meet local demand for the basic medical needs of local people.